Personal Protection Orders

Personal Protection Orders in Michigan

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A domestic relationship personal protection order (PPO) is a civil order that can protect you and your family from being harmed by a family member, relationship partner, ex-spouse, or person with whom you share a child. PPOs are a type of restraining order issued in domestic violence situations and are used to prohibit a person from contacting, stalking, threatening, or otherwise harassing you. If you are fearful of being harmed in your domestic relationship, a Michigan family law attorney from The Badalucco Firm can protect your interests and guide you step-by-step through the process of petitioning for a PPO.

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How Can I Obtain a PPO?

Petitioning for a PPO involves visiting your local family court and submitting a petition with the clerk’s office. This petition will include formal and specific accusations against your abuser. It will be helpful to bring a photo and other identifying information of your abuser, including a recent photo, address, phone number, description and license plate of the abuser’s vehicle, and any information regarding their history of gun ownership or substance abuse. Once the necessary forms are completed, you will be called to discuss your situation with a judge’s representative or on the record in court before the judge her/himself. This is known as an “ex parte” hearing.

You may receive a temporary ex parte PPO following this hearing if a judge believes your abuser may commit any of the following acts:

  • Entering your premises unlawfully
  • Assaulting or molesting you
  • Threatening to injure or kill you
  • Unlawfully removing children from your care
  • Interfering with your job or efforts to raise your children
  • Stalking you or your children
  • Harassing you

If granted, an ex parte PPO will last for approximately one year and will be enforceable by law. Your abuser will be served with papers detailing the PPO and will be given the opportunity to contest the PPO at a court hearing. If your abuser requests a hearing, you must attend. Our firm can represent you during this hearing and use our legal knowledge to maximize your chances of securing a favorable outcome.

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