Domestic Violence

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If you and/or your children have fallen victim to domestic violence, it is very important that you act quickly to escape the threat. If you have been accused of domestic violence and are worried about how it might affect your custody rights, our team can also assist. Our Michigan domestic violence attorney can discuss your issue and take action to protect your rights. From family courts to criminal courts, we are equipped to tackle a wide range of matters that overlap in family law and criminal defense.

Domestic violence can refer to threats or violence from:

  • A spouse
  • An ex-spouse
  • A legal partner
  • A boyfriend/girlfriend
  • A roommate
  • A family member

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Protective Orders & Restraining Orders

We understand that it can be very stressful and even frightening to think about filing a restraining order against the person who has committed any acts of violence or harm against you, especially if they are your spouse or ex-spouse. However, the safety of you and your children are important to us. We can walk you through the steps of obtaining a restraining order or protective order against the abuser. If the abuser is violating an existing order, we can involve the authorities to prevent future harm.

Accused of Domestic Violence?

We also represent clients who have been accused of domestic violence. Whether you believe the accusation is baseless or a simple misunderstanding, any type of charge can potentially affect your custody rights. You may lose your parenting rights, custody, or be barred from coming into contact with your children. It is important that you work with an attorney who can protect you and work to fight these accusations. Andrea Badalucco of our firm is a former prosecutor who is familiar with criminal defense cases and how they often overlap with family law.

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