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Being arrested for a crime can be one of the scariest experiences a person can go through. But you don't have to go through it alone. Our team at The Badalucco Firm can walk you through the steps and help you navigate the intimidating criminal justice system. We know what is at stake and what you stand to lose if convicted. We are here to protect you.

If you have been arrested, consult with our Michigan criminal defense lawyer before you talk to law enforcement.

We are equipped to handle a wide variety of criminal cases, including those involving:

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Unique Insights from a Former Prosecutor

Our attorney, Andrea Badalucco, previously worked as a prosecutor in the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office. She understands how the criminal justice system works from the inside and has developed a great rapport with attorneys and judges in the various courts. It was also during this time that she discovered her passion for helping to give her clients a voice. Everyone deserves quality representation, no matter the crime. Andrea Badalucco is ready to bring her unique insight as a former prosecutor and her vast experience handling criminal cases to you.

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At our office, we believe in the importance of educating clients about their rights and options. We offer FREE 30-minute case evaluations so you can understand all of the important aspects of your case at no cost. Feel free to take advantage of this opportunity and ask us your questions, your concerns, and how you should proceed. We can provide you with an honest assessment during our meeting.

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